Carbon peeling is the best gift for your skin if it faces Yerevan's ecology

Carbon peeling in Yerevan

What is Carbon peeling?

Carbon peeling is a relative novelty in Yerevan. Although let’s be honest, with our ecology we should have started solving our skin problems more effeciently long time ago. Short description of this peeling methodology is that it is a laser treatment that is applied in combination with a liquid carbon mask.

Procedure and results

At first, a layer of liquid carbon is applied on your skin. Carbon gets deep into your pores and absorbs excess oil and dead cells. A laser calibrated to carbon structure is then applied. Its light removes carbon, which provides your skin with a thorough cleaning. It also stimulates natural production of collagen. This makes this procedure not only a great exfoliation technique, but also an amazing rejuvenation treatment.

The procedure is painless and you can enjoy instant results such as firmer, more radiant and naturally glowing skin, and less wrinkles.

Video of Carbon peeling procedure

Who is this procedure recommended for?

This treatment is especially useful for those who struggle with oily skin, blackheads or acne. A review of this London based journalist summarizes the effects of this procedure in a very concise and trustworthy manner.

Apart from this procedure, we also offer laser removal of unwanted tattoos or permanent makeup.

Prices of Carbon peeling procedure

Carbon peeling + mask
Painless skin rejuvenation with liquid carbon & laser
Tattoo removal (max 10x10 cm)
Our smart lasers can remove your unwanted body-art
Permanent makeup removal
We can also remove or tweak permanent makeup
Gift cards
Beauty and confidence is the best gift!
any amount

All prices are in AMD, tax included

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