Why nail extensions became so popular in Yerevan?

Gel nail extensions at Liana Pro

Why should you get your nail extensions at Liana Pro?

Nail extensions have become something very common these days, at least it holds true in Yerevan. It’s important though that your nails are taken care of by true professionals. At the end of the day this material is in daily direct contact with your skin. Therefore, your desire to make sure it’s done properly and with materials that do not damage your health is absolutely valid. At Liana Pro you can be assured that our 15+ years of experience guarantee the most professional approach to gel nail extensions.

The content of the gel used for your nails

We’ve partnered with ibd (International Beauty Design) brand to make the highest quality extensions available in Yerevan. The ibd brand is a highly specialized division of AII headquartered in Los Angeles, USA. They’ve been leading the technological advancement of the industry for the last 40 years. This has been achieved by continuous investments into innovation and research. We use ibd gels that provide caring protection for your natural nails with very durable and beautiful results.

These gels are completely acid-free, which is healthier than what most competing brands can offer. This also means that the gel doesn’t overheat during the curing process. As a result, it makes the application process become very comfortable for you.

Why gel extensions for your nails?

The nails we design feel light! They are strong, thin and naturally looking thanks to advanced self-leveling technology used in ibd gels.

First impression matters! Our nails are one of the first things people notice on us. Little details such as our nails can represent our personality and creativity, and also affect our confidence. Therefore, we think it’s fair that women use this opportunity to express themselves.

And yes, keeping your natural nails in perfect shape takes a lot of time and effort. And most of us often get our nails damaged when we just live our lives and do our daily activities. That is why we believe that gel nail extensions are the ultimate alternative to wearing only your natural nails.

Price list for nail extensions

Nail extensions (high quality gel)15000-20000
Nail extensions renewal (high quality gel)8000-10000
Rubber base + Shellac8000-10000
Shellac (gel polish)7000-8000
Manicure (combined or brazilian)5000
Manicure (machine or with cut cuticles)3000
Gift cardsany amount

All prices are in AMD, tax included

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