ELOS hair removal for men

эпиляция для мужчин

What is ELOS hair removal?

Unwanted hair removal can time-consuming and painful. And every day more and more men come to realize this, as they try to get rid of some of their body hair, give their beard the right contours, or simply to enhance the appearance of their physique. Shaving, waxing, and sugaring can be quite painful, and they often lead to ingrown hair. That is why, today, more men choose modern ELOS epilation as a pain-free and effective alternative.

ELOS epilation is an advanced and safe technique of hair removal. It evolved from decades of research and improvement of IPL technologies. What makes ELOS so effective is its use of dual energy to target the hair. First, a pulsating laser light rapidly heats the hair up, then targeted radiofrequency channels the energy deep into the root of the hair, destroying the follicle. This ensures quick and permanent results.

Benefits of ELOS hair removal for men

At this point it’s safe to say that ELOS epilation is by far the most preferred method of hair removal for men in Armenia. Among the main benefits of this method are:

  • ELOS hair removal offers permanent results
  • It saves you a lot of time in comparison to shaving, sugaring, and waxing
  • The procedure is virtually painless thanks to an effective numbing gel
  • It is safer for more sensitive areas like groin, ears, and the back of the neck
  • Unlike other methods it prevents ingrown hair and skin irritation

So, if you want to never need to shave your neck again, or you are tired of outdated and painful hair removal procedures, ELOS epilation is the right choice for you. This modern laser-based technology allows you to enhance your physical appearance and muscle definition with ease. However, note that this epilation technique works best on dark hair. So, don’t miss the chance to get rid of unwanted hair permanently before it starts turning grey.

Our epilation procedure for men

We understand that hair removal can be a delicate topic for some men. That is why our team at LianaPro includes highly professional, medically trained, ELOS epilation experts. Before starting the procedure, our specialist will explain you the whole process, and will answer any questions you may have. Then, you will be invited for the hair removal procedure, which consists of these 4 simple steps:

  1. We will examine your skin, to safely cover all your birthmarks, and to set-up the correct laser light settings for your skin type and hair color.
  2. Then, we will apply our effective numbing gel to make the epilation process painless.
  3. Now the process of hair removal will start.
  4. After this, a cooling cream is applied on the epilated area to prevent any redness.

Before you leave, our staff will consult you on any post-procedure care that your skin may require, if such need arises.

Treatment duration and results

The whole procedure may take anywhere between 2 to 60 minutes depending on the size of the area you want to epilate and the intensity of hair growth in that area. For general reference, a typical male back requires about 20 minutes for a complete ELOS session. And visible results are achieved immediately after the first session. Complete and permanent hair removal typically requires about 6-8 sessions for men, with 21 days in between treatments.

Hair removal procedure for men - video

Body areas and prices

Between the eyebrows1000
Ears or Nose1000
Fingers or Toes1000
Feet (both)1000
Hands (both)2000
Shoulders or Armpits4000
Whole face5000
Arms (both)10000
Legs (both)20000
Gift cardsany amount

Beard contouring epilation: prices

Forehead contour1000
Cheek line (beard contour)2000
Neckline (front)3000
Back of the neck3000

Hair removal for men in private areas: prices

Tailbone & upper intergluteal area5000
Male bikini / “Bro-zilian”10000

Hair removal packages

Full torso25000
Fully body50000

Shaving the area for epilation, if you don’t shave it in advance, costs 20000 AMD.

All prices are in AMD, tax included

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You may want to remove some of your facial or body hair for various reasons. Above all, it’s a personal choice. If you prefer feeling your skin smooth, then that’s the only reason that matters. Also, our male customers often mention more practical benefits, such as:

  • Hairless skin sweats less, which is especially relevant in Yerevan in summertime
  • Less chafing and skin irritation in the areas where clothing seams and sleaves rub against the skin
  • More defined appearance of muscles that you’ve been working on so tirelessly
  • Lastly, to paraphrase… a single tree in an empty field appears larger 😉

Yes, over the years, we’ve expanded our team to include medically trained professionals who can provide men with hair removal treatments at LianaPro. Our specialists are trained experts on special challenges men’s skin tends to face in daily life, and in the context of hair removal. They also showcase a high degree of professional care and respect for your comfort and safety. We understand that the topic of hair removal can be delicate for some men, and it may feel very personal.

Using differently sized laser heads we can successfully target large areas, removing unwanted hair from your entire back, chest, stomach, shoulders, arms, and legs.

At the same time, our epilation machines allow us to adjust the intensity of the laser energy, making it more suitable for delicate areas, such as:

  • groin / bikini area
  • ears
  • toes
  • fingers
  • feet
  • neck
  • forehead
  • contours of the beard on your face.

Yes, this technology is safe for use on all types of skin in any area of the human body, including groin, pubic area and buttocks. The built-in safety mechanisms prevent the pulsating laser light from working on non-suitable areas. At LianaPro, our professional, medically trained, specialists approach epilation of private areas with the highest level of respect for your comfort and privacy.

It’s been several years since the American FDA approved the use of these technologies for hair removal along with other treatments. Also, ELOS epilation is a very well-researched and proven to be safe hair removal technology at this point. So many of our husbands, brothers and friends have experienced it on their own skin in Armenia, that we are confident in recommending it to a very wide variety of men. However, there are some contraindications for ELOS. So, please get familiar with those below.

The general, ELOS hair removal is not recommended to:

  • People under the age of 16
  • Those who are currently being treated against cancer or diseases of the thyroid gland
  • People who take any photosensitive medicine, such as some antidepressants
  • Those who have been diagnosed with diabetes or epilepsy
  • Pregnant women and nursing mothers

There may be other contraindications specific to your health-situation. In case of any doubts, please consult with your doctor, and bring your concerns up with our specialists at LianaPro before the treatment.

In addition to above mentioned benefits of hair removal, it’s also worth noting that the pulsating laser lights of ELOS have additional effects on men’s skin. Some of the benefits observed on our customers are skin tightening, reduction of any kind of discoloration from acne and ingrown hair, and as a result a more even, healthy-looking skin tone.

Among negative effects slight redness can be observed on the treated area for a couple of hours after treatment, especially if your skin is sun sensitive. However, we always take measures to minimize the chances of this, and we instruct our customers on how they can prevent it from happening as well.

Yes, on average after 6-8 sessions the amount of hair is reduced to such a degree, that you only come across a random hair here and there once in several months. This may require light-touch maintenance if presence of such rare hair causes you discomfort. However, it’s safe to say that after a complete course of ELOS epilation, such rare hair is generally unnoticeable.

The exact efficacy rate of our ELOS epilation machines is different for every male customer because it dements on your skin type, the hair color, the growth speed of your hair, and several other factors. What’s certain is that you will see a very noticeable reduction of the hair immediately after your first ELOS session. In total, on average it takes about 6-8 sittings to achieve complete and permanent results.

The reason for this is that the hair follicle can be successfully and permanently destroyed only if the laser light targets it in its peak growth stage. This stage is called ‘anagen’, and that’s when the hair has the maximum amount of pigment in it, and therefore can be targeted most effectively. Different hair on your body is at a different growth stage in any given moment. So, during each ELOS session, our epilation machines target different hair follicles.

Причина этого в том, что волосяной фолликул может быть успешно и навсегда уничтожен только в том случае, если лазерный луч направлен на него на пике стадии роста. Эта стадия называется «анаген», и именно тогда волосы имеют максимальное количество пигмента, что позволяет воздействовать на них наиболее эффективно. Каждый волосок на вашем теле, в любой взятый момент, находятся в какой-то стадии роста, которая отличается от стадии соседнего волоска. Таким образом, во время каждого сеанса лазеры наших аппаратов уничтожают разные волосяные фолликулы на вашей коже.

The procedure needs to be repeated on schedule, which we will track, and we will remind you about your next session. Typically, to achieve permanent and complete hair reduction, you will need 6-8 sessions, with 21 days between them. However, the exact schedule may vary based on your skin type and hair color. So, it’s important to consult the optimal approach with one of our trained epilation specialists at LianaPro.

The prices per session may vary depending on the size of the area that you want to epilate and the intensity of hair growth in that area. The price is not determined by your gender, but rather by objective characteristics of your skin and hair. One session may cost as low as 1000 AMD for a small area like the one between your eyebrows, but also as high as 50000 AMD for full-body ELOS epilation for men. For more details, please review the pricelist above.

Yes, we recommend shaving the area before the epilation procedure. The ideal time for this is the evening a day before your ELOS appointment at LianaPro. In case you don’t manage to shave beforehand, we can provide you with a razor and shaving cream in our studio.

One of the main advantages of ELOS epilation at LianaPro vis-a-vie in-home commercial epilation devices is the time we can save you.

That is because here the procedure is handled by a certified professional with appropriate instruction in the field of dermatology. This allows us to use much more powerful lasers.

Not a single small IPL epilation device available in electronics stores around Yerevan can offer the power in any way comparable to this. That is why in-home devices take 4-5 times longer to achieve the results that our professional ELOS machines guarantee in only 6-8 sittings.

ELOS hair removal method offers our customers permanent hair removal by targeting the pigment in the hair and destroying the hair follicle. This prevents the future growth of the hair. Using dual energy – pulsating laser light and radiofrequency – ELOS epilation machine channels the heat in an extremely targeted way, which makes this method of hair removal so effective.

In general, ELOS epilation is considered a painless procedure. The cooling gel that is applied to your skin before the actual hair removal starts, works very well to prevent any pain. You may feel a little discomfort from the heat that comes from the pulsating laser lights, however most of our customers say it’s almost unnoticeable.

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