ELOS epilation for permanent hair removal now in Armenia. Procedure and price.

ELOS epilation in Yerevan

What is ELOS?

ELOS epilation is probably the best technology currently available on the market, when it comes to removal of unwanted hair. You’ve probably already heard of your friend or a family member who’s gone through ELOS epilation. Also, most likely they told you that it really works miracles.

ELOS epilation procedure

During your ELOS treatment at Liana Pro we first apply a cooling gel on your skin. Then, we use a laser with pulsating light targeting that area. The laser light is absorbed by the hair pigmentation which destroys the hair and its root very effectively. As the laser is calibrated to dark pigment, there is no damage being done to surrounding skin. You may feel a bit of discomfort because of the heat that comes with the light. However, the cooling gel does its job pretty well. Most of our customers agree that ELOS epilation procedure is quite painless. Although, it is worth noting that because of the safety measures in-built in our lasers, the technology typically doesn’t work on black skin or on extremely light blonde hair.

This hair removal method evolved from a much better known and well trusted IPL technology that’s been on the market for several year. You can read more about the history of IPL here. ELOS offers all the benefits of IPL hair removal and on top of that, it ensures more precise targeting of the dark pigmentation in the hair. As a result, this ensures higher level of comfort for you during the procedure, and much more robust hair reduction.

Video of ELOS epilation procedure


You will see significant results within a week after the first treatment, when damaged hair will naturally fall off. However, the best results are achieved when the hair is in its growth phase. Therefore, several sessions are required for a complete and permanent hair removal effect. Keep in mind that each hair on your body has a different pace at which it grows. Typically, only 6-8 sessions are required for our customers to comfortably switch to “maintenance” mode. Then they come back once or twice per year for random individual hair to be treated if those suddenly re-appear. Reaching that mode is particularly appreciate by those customers who don’t live in Yerevan permanently and who cannot visit us regularly in long run.

Who is ELOS recommended for?

ELOS is especially recommended for those who typically suffer from ingrown hair and redness after shaving or waxing. It is also gentler towards your skin than shaving. Keep in mind, unlike shaving or waxing, ELOS epilation doesn’t constantly traumatize your skin or cause irritation over and over again.

ELOS epilation prices

Chops or Cheekbones1000
Chin or Upper lip1000
Neck or Decollete1000-3000
Whole face5000
Whole face and neck6000
Arms (both)8000
Legs (both)13000-16000
Gift cardsany amount

ELOS combinations

Legs, arms, armpits (+ 2 small zones as a gift)20000
Legs, arms, armpits, bikini (+ 2 small zones as a gift)25000
Whole body30000

Shaving the area for epilation, if you don’t shave it in advance, costs 5000 AMD.

All prices are in AMD, tax included

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